Natural, Upright Posture

uprightPostureImagesSlideShow404x256Having natural upright posture is one of the most important things you can have. I am not referring to you trying to stand up straight. Whenever I mention the word posture to someone, they stand up straight and pull their shoulders back. This is not posture. Posture is what you have when you’re just hanging out and not thinking about it. It’s where your body goes when you relax all your muscles.

Why is posture so important?

Having great natural posture gives you unbelievable health and a more pleasant life. Your body functions at it’s optimum level because every joint is in its ideal position. Every nerve is firing correctly. Nothing is under stimulated or over stimulated in your nervous system.

We have two ways for you to learn about this:

A report for you to read or a DVD. Both are excellent at explaining everything you need to know to understand this important health concept. They explain what goes wrong with the human body on a mechanical level and how it impacts you.

I’ll give you the basics here.

In the early 90’s, Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz discovered what had alluded so many other doctors trying to solve peoples health problems. He discovered two incredibly important things.

1. The role of the meningeal system and how it locks us up and prevents us from getting better. He also figured out how to fix it.
2. That bones can go out of place in directions the body cannot self correct because there’s no muscle or group of muscles to reposition the bone.

With these two pieces of knowledge, human structure can be corrected consistently and predictably.

You might be thinking that every chiropractor corrects (2) above, but they do not. We’re not taught how. Dr. Jutkowitz discovered that in the spine, if a vertebra is shoved forward, it’s stuck there forever. There simply isn’t a muscle that can pull that bone backwards into it’s ideal place. The more of these bones that we get knocked out into directions our body’s cannot self correct, the more twisted and distorted our body’s become. Look at a typical elderly person and you’ll see what the result of this is. It’s not age that causes this. Yes these people are older, but all that means is that they have more bones out of place than someone younger.

These concepts are explained in the report and the DVD. You don’t have to read/watch both unless you really want the details.

Call our office and we can send one of them or both to you.