YeastLargeIf you’ve been told you have a yeast condition or you suspect you do, here is what you need to do to get rid of it. The process is very simple, but can be difficult for you if you go too quickly. Yeast are like bacteria. They fight for space in your intestines and anywhere else they can find a comfortable place to live inside you. But they have a major weakness. Their skin is made of cellulose. And it’s easy to dissolve cellulose using the enzyme cellulase. This enzyme quickly dissolves yeast and they cannot develop resistance to it. It would be like us trying to live in acid. It simply wouldn’t be possible.

The down side to getting rid of yeast is you can feel quite crumby. You can get irritable, have headaches, fatigue and if you go too fast, you can get downright ill.

The trick is to go slow and if you get symptoms of detoxification like I just mentioned, you back down or stop and let your body catch up. The other issue to consider is how clogged up are your systems of elimination. Are your kidneys working well? Is your lymphatic system clean and free flowing and not all clogged with fat? Are you drinking enough water? What is your current state of health?

Most people use probiotics to treat yeast. The thinking is to supply more bacteria to crowd out the yeast in your digestive tract. Probiotics can have a profound impact, but they don’t destroy the yeast directly that I know of. Taking the cellulase enzyme directly digests the yeast AND digests the biofilms that yeast hide out in which are also constructed from cellulose.

It’s really neat that one simple powder based product could solve both problems. The product that I’m referring to is called SMI which stands for Small Intestines. It’s composed of cellulase and some lactobacilli probiotics. I however like to start with the DGST formula made for digesting your food. DGST contains all the enzymes needed to digest food including cellulase. The amount of cellulose is much smaller on a volume basis than SMI so it’s easier to dose plus you digest the food you eat which increases your health substantially in other ways. Here too however you may need to back off if you start feeling the symptoms of detoxification which can be delayed by several hours to a day or so.

You might think, lets just take a whole bunch and get over your problem quickly, but that’s not a good idea. In fact, it can be harmful if you really try to push it. Start slow and and find a dose that you can tolerate and slowly get rid of your yeast problem.

I’ve included a pdf that goes into a lot more detail for those that want it. Here it is:Adobe_PDF_icon