Treating Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac

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A patient comes in one day with a story of how she got into something that made her arms break out something fierce.

She was cutting back brush in a wooded area on a hot summer day. The mosquitoes were bad so she was fully covered head to toe, but somehow she came in contact with something that gave her a terrible rash on her forearms.

Some of you are aware that I use enzymes in my practice to solve a lot of perplexing problems. I’d never thought of using enzymes for this, but there were two products I had in mind.

I put her on the enzyme formulation for hives which I thought might help. But to my surprise it did nothing for her..

She comes in a week later on a Friday to get adjusted. She wore a long sleeve shirt to keep me from touching the rash. She went on her way, but later that night a friend of mine said “What’s that on your leg?” I looked down and on my left inner ankle I see the same type of rash as my patient had. I must have gotten some of the toxins on my hands, then scratched my leg or something.

Instead of panicking, I embraced the situation as a learning experience. On my way home I said to myself, assuming this is from her AND the hive enzyme formula did nothing, I’d try the other formula. This formula digests proteins where the hives formula digests carbohydrates. I thought this toxin that made the rash might be protein based instead of carbohydrate based.

I started taking the protein digestion formula right away and to my surprise I didn’t itch. I also used Tea Tree oil directly on the rash.

By Sunday night it was basically gone except for some of the skin damage caused by the Tea Tree oil. I couldn’t wait to tell her.

She comes in a few days later and I asked how her rash was doing. I would have thought it would have cleared up by now, but instead it was spreading. I told her my story and started her on this other formula that had worked so well for me.

It did the trick. Every time she felt at all itchy, she took another dose and the itching would go away. A week later it was all gone except for some damaged skin which cleared up quickly. She didn’t even use Tea Tree oil.

I called up my enzyme Guru and asked what was up. He told me that when people get into something like poison oak, or poison ivy or poison sumac that they rarely know what they got into. The different plants have different toxins, which warrant different treatments. If one product doesn’t work, the other will. The toxins literally get digested and used for food instead of causing rashes and itching. These poison ivy/oak/sumac problems can last for more than three weeks if not treated. It can be downright brutal. Don’t suffer with it. I have treatments and so do medical doctors.

If you’ve tried washing off the irritant, good luck. My take on why you can’t wash the toxins off is that the toxic goo must be like tar and tar doesn’t dissolve with soap and water. There are products specifically designed to help wash it off however. So take a look at those.


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Dr. Aberle has been in clinical practice since 1997. He's been using Advanced BioStructural Technique since 2006 as his primary method of treatment. In his spare time he enjoys computers, programming and electronics.
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