Which Ergonomic Office Chair Is Best For Back Pain and High Energy Levels?

The Perfect Posture Chair

Stop the struggle of trying to find the right office chair. I know it looks simple, but this chair supports your body the way nature intended. You’ll have more energy and less back and neck pain because your body is more aligned like it is when you’re standing. Have you noticed that when you sit down in a bad chair you’re more tired, but when you stand for a few minutes you feel better? It’s because there’s less neurological tension on your spinal cord when you’re upright. Sitting in a chair that makes you slump makes you drowsy.

Notice that the back support is missing. That’s because you don’t need back support if your pelvis is in the correct position. Notice how you cannot do this in your current chair? You’re probably sitting in a bowl that, for some reason, chair manufacturers think you need. Are they worried you’re going to slip out of the chair? Why would they design chairs this way? It’s insane.

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