Solving the Pain of Heartburn

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Many of you suffer from this annoying condition, but it is easy to solve and you’ll be annoyed that you’ve suffered with it for so long.

To understand why a person gets heartburn, you need to understand what heartburn is and what makes a person susceptible to having it. (Click on the image to enlarge it.)


In all the images you see the esophagus, stomach and some intestines. I’ve cut the stomach in half so you can see the varying thicknesses of mucous inside. Notice the thick layer of mucous along the inside of a healthy stomach shown in purple in Image A. This mucous is similar to a layer of Vaseline slathered along the inside of your stomach that separates your stomach acid from the “flesh” of the stomach.

When your mucous layer gets too thin as shown in Image B, the acid can penetrate the mucous barrier and touch the “flesh” of your stomach, Image D, which causes the pain of heartburn.

If the mucous layer gets super thin in certain spots, you get ulcers as shown in Image C. Ulcers are the result of stomach acid digesting the fleshy part of your stomach wall. This is obviously damaging and painful.

To get rid of heartburn you need to re-establish a thick mucous layer. Doesn’t seem too hard, right? Actually it’s not.

A better question is why did the mucous layer become thin in the first place? This has to do with how well you digest your food. Lets assume for discussion that you’re eating fairly decent food and not candy bars and chips for every meal. The entire process of digestion is the breakdown of food like steak, bread, vegetables, etc into usable molecules that your cells can use for growth, function and repair of all the tissues in your body.

For most of us, the process of digestion is poor. Yes we eat food. We chew it. It breaks down in our stomach to some degree. It goes into the small intestines and much of it is absorbed and utilized. Because of this we stay alive. But wow are we missing the big picture. We need to perform this process much better in our society. Because we do not, we have a lot of health problems. We turn to medicine to deal with all the resulting symptoms.

If you have heartburn, I can easily tell that you are not digesting your food the way you should. Yes, this is the real cause of heartburn. A cause you will never hear on TV or in magazine ads because there’s no money to be made in truly solving the populations heartburn problems.

Instead, the pharmaceutical industry wants us to believe that we’re making too much acid and that their pill will bring us relief. Unfortunately it works. Now before you want to smack me over the head, hear me out. Why would anyone want to block a critical body function to relieve the symptom of heartburn? I’m serious.

Acid production in the stomach is absolutely crucial to good health. Acid activates an enzyme in your stomach that digests protein. Without acid, most of the protein you eat comes right out the other end. Your body becomes protein deficient. You age faster, your bones weaken, your immune system is dealt a crippling blow and more. Having a good source of protein in your diet AND having the ability to fully digest it is critical to your health.

It is my opinion that acid blocking medications will eventually be taken off the market due to their long term, horrible side effects which include:

  • Bone loss and increased hip fractures – You need protein to transport minerals like Calcium to your cells. No protein –> No calcium –> Weak Bones
  • Bacterial infections that are difficult to treat – Bacteria that you end up eating go right through the stomach without being destroyed by acid. They set up shop in your body and you’re in trouble. An example is with Clostridium difficile, a harmful intestinal bacteria that’s very difficult to treat.
  • Accelerated aging – Poor protein intake leads to poor rebuilding of your tissues…Hair, skin, nails, muscle and everything else.

Products that inhibit acid production take the pain away. Tums, Rolaids, and even Chalk absorb the acid and take the pain away. But the easiest way to get rid of heartburn is to regenerate the mucous lining by digesting every meal. Not only will this get rid of your heartburn, but you will start to solve all kinds of mysterious problems that you have no idea how to fix.

Protocol To Eliminate Heartburn:

  1. You start with an enzyme product called STM, which is a stomach formula specifically. This product helps digest your food and is taken at the beginning of each meal. It is low in the enzyme protease so it doesn’t bother your stomach. Protease is the enzyme that digests protein. You cannot have high levels of this enzyme when your mucous layer is thin or it will bother your stomach. You take two pills with each meal for one month. This strengthens your mucous layer enough that your heartburn will be gone. (Note: For some, this is as far as they go with enzymes. They’re heartburn is gone and they’re happy.)
  2. You then graduate to a stronger enzyme formula called VSCLR, which stands for Vascular. This formula has more protease in it so you digest protein even better, but since your mucous layer isn’t completely repaired it is still low in protease. Take two pills with each meal for at least a month.
  3. Now you can graduate to the really powerful enzyme formulas that help maximize digestion. You’ll either take BIL or PAN depending on which organ system is worse…The biliary system (which includes your gallbladder) or the pancreas. Some people have taken both products concurrently to heal both systems faster than one at a time. You’ll either stick with one of these formulas or another one called HCL from that point on.

Yes, you need to digest your food with each meal for the rest of your life if you want the best digestion and health possible. This doesn’t mean you have to. Again, when your heartburn has gone away you can stop. If your heartburn comes back, start taking STM again. You’re short changing yourself, but this is an option. Personally, I want to fully digest every meal I have. I feel way better when I do. I never feel bloated or icky in any way. And I’ll age slower because I have the building blocks from food that repair my body.

Call our office and find out how to start correcting your heartburn. Everyone I’ve seen with heartburn also has other digestive problems that need correcting as well. We can handle those problems along with your heartburn. It’s simple, inexpensive and very exciting.


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Dr. Aberle has been in clinical practice since 1997. He's been using Advanced BioStructural Technique since 2006 as his primary method of treatment. In his spare time he enjoys computers, programming and electronics.
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