Company’s want healthy/vibrant employees, but they don’t know how to achieve it.

Employers Offer:
  • Exercise incentive programs
  • Weight loss programs
  • and Gym memberships
  • to make their employees healthier.
Employees Believe:
  • Exercise
  • Weight loss
  • and a Healthy Diet
  • will make them healthier.
Everyone believes health comes from exercise and diet…

These are nice, but they are all based on exercise, diet and weight loss. I’m sure you know a few people that have gained health through these methods and that’s wonderful. But for most people this is not how you gain health, this is how you gain fitness. Having a fit body is one aspect to health, but it’s just one part.

Here’s how you actually gain health!

Improve Bony Alignment and Relax Tight Muscles

You see people with poor structure everywhere. It’s so common we think it’s the norm. Here are some examples of what to look for:

  • Rounded shoulders
  • Forward head posture
  • Slumpy posture
  • Body that’s leaning forward or bent forward
  • Walking with a woddle
  • Torso doesn’t twist when walking
  • Like to stand with one foot or both feet turned out
  • Unlevel shoulders
  • Dowagers hump (old lady’s hump at the base of the neck)
  • Stiff movements
  • Gets injured often
  • Needs knee or hip replacements
  • Needs back surgery
  • Have to wear a back brace when lifting
  • Regularly in pain (or constantly in pain)
  • Legs aren’t straight
  • Head or neck aren’t level
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Shoulder pain
  • Regular workers compensation injuries

Everyone thinks these outward signs are simply aging taking place naturally. Thank goodness that’s not true or you wouldn’t be reading this. Every item in the list above can be corrected or improved upon in most cases. I know how to do it and I’ll show you how it’s done shortly. Keep reading…

Restore Organ Function

You see ads on TV all the time trying to sell drugs that target the symptoms of organ dysfunction. Symptoms like:

  • Heartburn
  • Trouble falling asleep
  • Can’t stay asleep
  • Tired all the time
  • Constipated
  • Diarrhea (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Gas and bloating
  • Blood sugar problems
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Pain
  • Dry eyes
  • High cholesterol
  • Libido problems
  • Allergies
  • Hives
  • Psoriasis
  • Itching
  • etc, etc

Have you noticed how many TV ads promoting drugs are on TV these days? And none of the drugs promote health. They just mask symptoms. Don’t believe me? What happens when you stop taking them? Truth is, pharmaceutical drugs don’t cure much at all. They simply interfere with the body’s natural warning indicators telling us something is wrong. We think the symptoms are an annoyance so we take drugs and tell our body’s to shut up. Does that sound like health to you? I know how to actually correct these problems naturally by restoring health to the stressed organs that cause these symptoms.

The health of an individual can be dramatically improved by improving their structure and improving organ function…neither of which involves exercise or dieting.

These are the missing factors in health that few understand. This is why America spends more money on health care per person than any other country yet ranks 50th in terms of actual health. Something is really wrong. If your a company that is looking for large changes in the way you approach health, I can show you what needs to be done.


It’s often hard to tell how a person is feeling just by their outward appearance.

I’ve had many patients that “look” just fine when I first meet them, but after taking their histories I’m stunned to find out how miserable they feel. More than likely your company has people like this working for you. Don’t feel like you have to get rid of them. Let’s give them the help they need. But first let’s cover a few topics:

The Elephant in the Room
  1. Your employees body’s are twisted up mechanically. Many of them hurt all the time which puts their focus on their pain and not their work.
  2. Depending on what your company does in terms of work, your workers compensation insurance could be so costly that you may have to shut your doors.
  3. A persons structural weak spots are the future injuries you as a company could get blamed for.
  4. Long term disability is rising and these costs are extraordinary. Get a few of these and…well, you know. Now if the long term disability is due to a crush injury for example, I won’t be able to help most likely. For example, someone gets their hand stuck in a machine. But many long term disability cases are due to things like back pain, herniated discs, strain/sprain injuries. These I can help with if not completely fix.
  5. When your employees go home sore and achy every day after work they quickly develop a bad attitude towards work. Performance declines, productivity declines, moral declines and hatred towards the company more than likely increases. Can you blame them? How would you feel if your job destroyed your body? Would you try to find a different job?
Two Scenarios
  1. A persons body structurally is bad due to the fun activities they’ve done all their life. This makes them mechanically unstable and vulnerable. They throw out their back at work and since the injury happened at work, workers compensation has to pick up the bill.
  2. A person’s job is so demanding physically that their body gets more and more broken down as time goes on. This makes them mechanically unstable and vulnerable. They throw out their back at home and the person has to pay for it.

Which is fair?


What if you could provide on-site care that could solve many of the problems mentioned above?

Yes, there is a cost to that. But could the savings in workers compensation, health insurance, increased productivity and profit easily justify the cost? I say yes, but the solution isn’t found in medicine, physical therapy or standard chiropractic. In other words, the normal standards of care found in America today cannot produce results like I am describing.

So if you are interested in learning what makes me so unique, let me say this. I know how to consistently improve a body mechanically thus reversing structural distortions and decades worth of injuries that are buried as twists in peoples body’s. I also know how to figure out which body organs are stressed and with specific herbs and enzymes the body can regenerate those organs. I know these are bold statements to make, so let me explain how some of this works. Watch the YouTube video to understand the very basics of why bodies break down and hurt. Then below in the accordion boxes you can open up the different topics that interest you involving the symptoms of organ malfunction. Maybe you have a few of these issues and are interested in how to solve them.

Why We Hurt Video

Click the video to start playing, then click the icon in the bottom right to view full screen. After a few seconds the high definition nature of the video will load.

Why don’t people take care of themselves?
  • Too much effort
  • Not enough time in the day
  • Too much stress
  • Too many other responsibilities
  • Long commute times
  • Dieting is painful and usually doesn’t work
  • Exercising isn’t fun and takes at least an hour to do plus drive time
  • Going to a doctor takes time

All these factors lead to one behavior–> I’ll go when I can’t take it anymore, when the problem is just too painful or irritating.

In other words, Only getting treated when there’s a crisis.

I see this all the time in my practice. People say they want health, but what they’re willing to pay for and take time for is usually just pain relief. When the pain is gone, I don’t see them again until the pain returns. And even then, it’s after they’ve dealt with it for a while and it’s a crisis.

The Benefits of On-Site Care to your employees

On-site care offers huge advantages to your employees. Most of the stress is gone because there is no drive time, there’s no cost to them, there’s no time out of their schedule because they’re already at work and in essence they’re getting paid to get treated. I know this might come as a shock to employers…why should the employer pay for treatment and even for the time it takes to get treated. The reason is because your employees will do it and you’ll reap the benefits.

I love it when patients of mine come in with a list of physical problems and when those problems are gone the person doesn’t just feel good…they feel nothing. They don’t notice their body because their body is working better mechanically, neurologically and chemically. Imagine how much more work they could get done when they’re not focusing on their body? How much less stress they will have in their lives at home and at work? If you have an ache or pain that attracts your attention, how much less productive are you? Have you ignored your problem or is it just simply not bad enough to concern you yet?

What happens when you continue treating after the symptoms are gone? This is where real health is achieved. Symptoms are the last straw. Just getting rid of the symptoms is great, but there is so much more that is possible.

My Goal with On-Site Care

To save a company so much money that other chiropractors and physical therapists want to do the same thing. Let me explain. I get the results I get utilizing three different methods of healing. First, I use Advanced BioStructural Correction™ for correcting all the mechanical and neurological problems. Second, I use Low Level Laser therapy which is incredible at relaxing tight muscles and energizing cells to create more energy. Thirdly, I also use supplements for restoring function to the organ systems (liver, kidneys, stomach, pancreas, etc). Together, these three systems handle most problems. Everything they don’t handle then falls under the broad umbrella of medicine. Put another way, I handle peoples problems way before they become diseases and have to be treated as such. Now I can still treat people with disease, but they also will more than likely need medical care as well.

I see the future of health care changing drastically from the system we currently have. On-Site care is part of that change as employers offer benefits to attract skilled labor; one of those benefits being on-site care. I want to see the three methods I use grow in popularity because they work and I want to do my part to reduce human suffering.

I also believe there will be a shortage of doctors in the future due to increased regulations, high tuition costs, low reimbursement and the simple belief that being a doctor isn’t going to be as prestigious as it once was. So if I can show that these three methods that I use create huge savings for a company and that company is not hesitant to share the results, I can take that data to the chiropractic and physical therapy communities and duplicate the results. My goal is to have these three methods be as common for healing people as orthodontics is for straightening a persons teeth.

When I find the right company that shares my vision, I will do my part and show them what needs to be done. Like I said earlier, medicine, physical therapy and standard chiropractic do not have the answers. None of these professions produce consistent results and people continue to suffer because there appears to be no answers to their problems. I can show you why these methods fail and how the three methods I use actually heal people. Contact me at (608) 277-1975 or using my contact form here