My Dog Understands Vector Geometry

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Ok, vector summation to be more precise. As you know I walk my dog daily at least during the decent months. I realized he understands how to add vectors with magnitude and angle in his puppy dog brain.

Here’s the scenario that I’ve observed. If we’re coming up to a pole that I don’t want him to stop at, but he does, I do one thing and he does another.

Lets say I’m trying to go left of the pole so I start pulling him to the left. He on the other hand pulls to the right with an opposing force to maintain our current trajectory towards the pole. If you look at his vector however, he’s not aiming for the pole. He’s aiming to the right of the pole. So my vector (magnitude+angle) + his vector (magnitude+angle) add up to the vector going straight to the pole.

Besides saying that I’m a complete nut for noticing this, I think it’s rather interesting. I found it so interesting that I took the time to make a graphic in case you haven’t seen vector analysis. See Diagram. My vector plus my dogs vector put us on a path to the pole. Sometimes I let him just go to the pole and other times I don’t. Not the best parenting skills, but he’s just a dog.

dogvectordiagramI can legitimately say, my dog understands some geometrical and vector concepts to get what he wants. Where do I come up with this stuff?


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Dr. Aberle has been in clinical practice since 1997. He's been using Advanced BioStructural Technique since 2006 as his primary method of treatment. In his spare time he enjoys computers, programming and electronics.
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