Metabolic Syndrome PDF

Metabolic Syndrome PDF

Metabolic Syndrome is usually secondary to having a clogged lymphatic system. If you have it, your lymphatic system needs to be cleaned up prior to or at the same time as addressing Metabolic Syndrome.

Metabolic Syndrome is common and if you don’t have it, you know someone that does. It’s a set of conditions that cannot be called a disease yet because it’s the precursor to many diseases. Understand that in medicine, you cannot diagnose something until a number of conditions finally meet the criteria to be classified into a disease. This is unfortunate because people are unhealthy long before they actually get diseases. This applies to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and more.

Many people that have a clogged lymphatic system also have Metabolic Syndrome. The reason being poor digestion of fat. Fat clogs up your lymphatic system. Fat clogs up your arteries. Fat clogs up insulin receptors on all your cells. I’m sure you can picture fat clogging up your lymphatic system and arteries, but listen to this. Fat in your blood stream can also clog insulin receptors on every cell of your body making them less sensitive to insulin. Do you realize what this means?

Improper fat digestion causes your cells to not hear the messenger called insulin that is supposed to tell your cells to suck sugar out of the blood stream. This causes your blood sugar levels to stay higher, longer. Your pancreas has to work harder to crank out more insulin into your blood stream thus screaming at your cells to suck sugar out of the blood stream. The more clogged the insulin receptors are in all the cells of your body, the worse the “hearing” of those cells. Eventually your pancreas “burns out” and cannot provide insulin in the levels needed and you get diabetes. You then need to provide insulin with shots at levels high enough that your cells can hear. This process is slow however and takes years to get to the point of you needing insulin and having diabetes. Prior to this, when you thought things were fine, you had Metabolic Syndrome. You had a messed up metabolism which didn’t cause symptoms and can’t quite yet be called diabetes.

The question then arises, what can you do prior to diabetes? Is there a way to treat Metabolic Syndrome, which isn’t a disease, yet? There is.

metabolicSyndromeConfusionHow do you know if you have Metabolic Syndrome? You’ll have abnormal blood lab work for one thing. Typically people have high triglycerides, cholesterol, high insulin levels that take a long time to come down after having carbohydrate food and more. For me it’s fairly easy to tell if you have Metabolic Syndrome. You’ll have a very tender spot on each shoulder blade just below the spine of the scapula. This part of the infraspinatus muscle will be tight and tender when I stick my thumbs in the muscles. You’ll also often be tender alongside your temples when I apply some pressure there.

I said earlier that most people with a clogged lymphatic system often have Metabolic Syndrome, but not everyone will have both issues. This is why you need an examination to figure it out. Needless to say that many in our society have both problems and they are completely unaware. Even if they know, they don’t know what to do about it.

To treat Metabolic Syndrome you need two different products, one for digesting fat and opening up the insulin receptors on all your cells. The other is for Metabolic Syndrome directly. You can do the treatment for Metabolic Syndrome and your lymphatics at the same time if you choose, but they can also be done separately.

Products for Metabolic Syndrome:


Special Note:

On occasion, people get diarrhea when starting enzymes. It’s not like you’re sick. It’s just that you have to go. For these people, I tell them to stop all the enzyme products and let the diarrhea go away, then start with one pill a day of whatever product they’re on. Then over the course of a week or two, build up to the doses suggested. There’s never any harm in going slower as long as you’re patient if the results aren’t as quick to follow.

To summarize on doses:

VSCLR: 2 Pills with each meal. You can take more if you choose. Just ask me about it.
Meta-Syn: 2 Pills with Breakfast, 2 Pills with Lunch (Don’t take these with your evening meal because it will keep you up at night.
Of course, you can buy any of these products individually. I’ve given “packages” to give you some idea on cost, but other combinations can be created as well.