How your body makes energy, what goes wrong, and how Low Level Laser Therapy corrects the problem

To understand why everyone hurts and is tired all the time you have to understand how our body makes energy.

Your body doesn’t run directly on the food you eat, just like your car engine doesn’t run directly on oil. Oil needs to be refined into gasoline and your food needs to be transformed into ATP which is the only energy your body can use (See image below)

Inside every cell are hundreds of small bacteria sized structures called mitochondria. These are the structures that make ATP. Nothing else in the body makes ATP, just the mitochondria. Dysfunction of the mitochondria are linked to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, tight muscles, fatigue, brain fog, pain, fibromyalgia and many other health problems.

Have you ever heard of mitochondria before? If you have, it was probably in grade school or high school when you studied cellular biology. The only thing kids are ever taught about them is that they are “The Power House of the Cell”. To learn anything more involves biochemistry which is complex.

But the mitochondria are your food to ATP converters. They take the energy from the molecular bonds in your food and convert that energy into molecular bonds found in ATP. When the body needs energy, it breaks one of these ATP bonds thus releasing the energy that the cell needs to do work.

When mitochondria lose the ability to perform this energy conversion efficiently we start having health problems, tight muscles, pain and much more.

Low Level Laser Therapy to the cells where the mitochondria are sluggish reinvigorates and restores their normal function. ATP production is increased, collagen production is increased, muscles relax, pain decreases or goes away, flexibility increases, organs improve in their function and more.

If you haven’t heard of Low Level Laser Therapy, or Cold Laser, you will within the next few years.

When all these conversion steps work great in every cell of your body, life is good. When any of these steps are interfered with, life is not good. You can eat poor quality food…You can have poor digestion…Your mitochondria can do a poor job making ATP. Any of these individually can cause problems and many have problems with all three steps.

You can eat better quality food…You can have better digestion by taking digestive enzymes with your meals…You can also have healthier mitochondria producing more ATP by using Low Level Laser Therapy. To understand this, you need to know a bit about the final conversion process to ATP.

Something fascinating happens to the mitochondria to decrease ATP energy production:

The key molecule in the Mitochondria that is susceptible to problems is Cytochrome C Oxidase (Cyt C). What’s really fascinating about this molecule is that it’s like chlorophyll in plants. Cyt C and chlorophyll both absorb light and can do work with the light energy. For a plant, chlorophyll absorbs light energy during photosynthesis to help with plant growth. For humans, Cyt C performs a critical step in converting the energy in our food into ATP. Although their functions are slightly different, they both absorb light energy.

However, if Cyt C gets clogged up with a Nitric Oxide molecule, it can’t convert energy anymore. It’s not that it’s damaged at all, it’s just clogged up. Photons from the Low Level Laser(s) give the Cyt C the energy it needs to kick out the clogging Nitric Oxide molecule. The light isn’t needed for that molecule afterwards either so energy production continues even after the laser light is removed. The image above only shows one Cyt C molecule, but in a single mitochondria there are millions to billions of these Cyt C molecule. Say half are clogged up. How do you think you’re going to feel?


Low Level Laser Therapy changes lives quickly

My patients rarely think they’ll feel any different after having their first treatment with laser light shined on them. It’s so low in power that there’s no heat produced and you don’t feel much happening until afterwards. Even five minutes on just the right spot will cause people to be pleasantly surprised immediately afterwards

with pain relief and increased motion in the treated area and elsewhere. Call us today and schedule a consult where we can talk about your health concerns and see if Low Level Laser Therapy or chiropractic adjusting could help you. When you call mention whether you want a consult or a full treatment. Our number is (608) 277-1975.