Do you believe you’re gluten intolerant?

GlutenLargeIf you feel better and have less digestive problems when you avoid wheat products, you may be correct. But instead of having problems with gluten, you may have problems with maltose, the sugar in wheat, bread, pasta, etc.

I realize that wheat, bread and pasta don’t taste sweet like regular table sugar. But there is sugar in these foods. It’s just maltose versus sucrose(table sugar).

Maltose and Lactose (as well as sucrose) are all disacharides which are two sugar molecules combined together. They need to be digested and broken apart, which leads to the problems people have with these sugars because they’re not being digested.

I suggest reading the IRB/Constipation article that explains how these different types of sugars cause diarrhea and/or constipation and also inflame your intestinal wall.

What does this have to do with gluten intolerance? Well a lot of the symptoms that people have with wheat, bread, pasta, etc are not due to gluten. Instead they’re due to the sugar maltose. Therefore when they eliminate foods with gluten in them, they also eliminate the maltose so they feel better.

You can continue eliminating these foods to help with your symptoms, but it shows a deeper problem which is that you’re not getting enough enzymes with each meal to digest your food. The bacteria in your intestines therefore digest the sugar giving you symptoms like gas and bloating.

Take digestive enzymes with each meal and you will start feeling a whole lot better. Just try it for a few days and you’ll see what you’ve been missing your entire life. I have samples in the office that you can try.