Here’s What You’ll Understand After Watching the DVD:

  • Learn why bodies hurt
  • Learn how muscles are blamed, but muscle pain is the result of a deeper problem. Muscle pain is not the cause.
  • Learn why strengthening muscles and doing core strengthening can help people with pain, but does nothing to help the true problem.
  • Learn what needs to be done to get out of pain.
  • Learn how injuries rarely go away, but get buried in your body and contribute to your suffering even though you don’t feel those injuries currently.
  • Learn why pain medications do nothing to solve your problem. You probably already realize this.
  • Basically, you’ll understand more about your body than 99.9% of doctors. You’ll never look at your body the same in terms of understanding how it functions

Many therapies are easy to understand. Often times the explanation is to strengthen the area that hurts. Other times it’s to stretch the area that hurts. Other times it’s a surgical procedure that is easy to explain because the explanation is as simple as you’ll be getting a new hip joint or shoulder joint.

Many of you are actually curious as to what is so different with the approach I am recommending to solve Fibromyalgia. It’s not a simple explanation, which is why there’s a DVD that explains it. Within the first fifteen minutes, you’ll have the basics. But after watching the whole thing you’ll understand why you hurt for the first time in your life. It’s that good. If you don’t agree, send the DVD back and I’ll refund your entire purchase amount.

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