energySleepImmuneSlideShow436x270When posture is improved:

  • You have more energy during the day
  • You sleep better at night
  • You strengthen your immune system

The reason is simple. When your spinal column is twisted and distorted, your spinal cord is twisted and distorted. Not to the point that you die, but to the point that the communication from your brain to your organs and back again are significantly altered.

Your central nervous system consists of your brain, brainstem and spinal cord. From your spinal cord nerves come off to reach out to your muscles, organs, skin, etc. These are your peripheral nerves. This conversation is specifically about your central nervous system however. Understand that your central nervous system (CNS) is tethered at your skull and at your tail bone (coccyx). And at the same time your spinal cord is tethered to each vertebra as the cord passes through each individual vertebra. The spinal column serves two purposes. The first is to allow us freedom of movement. We can bend and twist and do all sorts of things. The second is to protect the delicate nerves of the brain, brainstem and spinal cord.

This poses a problem however when the spinal column (the bones of the spine) are out of place. This distortion in the spine causes abnormal stretches on the spinal cord. It would be nice if the spinal cord worked well when it was slack or stretched, but it does not. In fact, when the cord is stretched, the signals going through it are altered.

Nerves work as impulse transmitters. The cells that make up a nerve are called neurons. Each cell can be up to 3 feet long. Yes, 3 feet long. Now it’s incredibly thin, so even if you wrapped the whole thing around the eraser of a pencil, you’d never see it. But they are that long. Now you put a few hundred to a few thousand of these neurons together in parallel and you have nerves. The spinal cord is the biggest “nerve” there is even though it’s not though of as a nerve because there are other things in the cord. But the cord does have thick bands of neurons flowing through it just like nerves.

Each neuron conducts impulses, like mores code. The more impulses per second or the less impulses per second convey the message. A normal, healthy nerve conducts all the impulses without fail. But a stretched nerve misses some. All the impulses literally cannot get passed the stretched part of the nerve. The more stretched the nerve is, the more impulses are lost.

Nerves only conduct in one direction. You have nerves that conduct impulses from your brain to your stomach and others that conduct from your stomach to the brain. Both can be affected simultaneously. Now that you understand that, lets continue with energy, sleep and immunity.

You have to ask yourself, “What would make me tired?” Well there are other reasons than what I’m about to explain. Lack of sleep for one. But this stretching of your cord happens to a lot of people and they aren’t aware of it at all. And it’s destroying their health.

When your spine is physically twisted and distorted, your spinal cord is stretched. Now if this stretch is localized, you’ll have the nerve conduction problems I just discussed and every nerve that serves your body below the stretch will be interfered with. That means possible disease and at minimum dysfunction.

If however, the stretch pulls on the cord all the way up to your brainstem, now you’ll feel tired. You’ll feel brain fog possibly. You might not be able to think clearly. You’ll feel out of it more than you’d like. The intensity is determined by how much stretch you have on your brainstem.

The other really neat thing is this stretch also affects how well you sleep. In your brainstem, you have a structure called your reticular formation and that is responsible for your alertness levels. When your brainstem is stretched, you’re at high alert, even if you’re exhausted. The result is, your tired during the day and awake at night. Coffee and caffeine can help, but only a little. Get treated and you’ll be stunned at how much better you can feel. When your posture is restored even just a little, the stretch comes off your cord and brainstem and you feel more alive than you have in a long time. Now if you feel fairly energetic most of the time right now, this means you don’t have the brainstem stretch happening. That’s great.

Increased Immunity with Chiropractic Care

This will amaze you. It’s told really well in the YouTube video, but here are the highlights:

The 1918 flu pandemic killed 100 million people on planet earth in 6 months. More than all the wars of recorded history.

Those that chose manipulative management (chiropractic) had only 1/40 the death rate of those that chose allopathic medicine (drug based management). Chiropractors were so good at preventing people from dying from the flu that chiropractors became licensed as a profession.

Back in chiropractics history people went to chiropractors with infectious diseases, not back pain. Remember this was in the pre antibiotic and pre vaccination era.

People’s immune systems worked better when they were adjusted to when they were not adjusted.

Chiropractors continued to treat primarily infectious diseases our first 50 years as a profession. During the 1950’s chiropractors primary emphasis was treating polio and treating people in an iron lung and getting them out it was just another day’s work.

Dr. Dan Murphy….For those of you that haven’t heard of Dr. Murphy before.
He’s a leader in the chiropractic profession and an authority on chiropractic.