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FREE Trial offer… Come in for a free consultation and you can try a free bottle of digestive enzymes that will last you for two weeks at recommended doses. You’ll see for yourself that what I’m saying is true. I’ll recoup the costs of this free offer in future sales because the products sell themselves. Call us for your free consultation or click the “Book Now” link to the right in the menu above and schedule yourself online. Choose the “Free Nutritional Consultation” option. You must come in for the consultation to get your free bottle so I can figure out which formula will help you the most. We cannot ship anything to you. (The special conditions of this offer are listed lower on this page).

I really do have solutions for all the different problems shown above in most situations. I use formulations containing herbs and enzymes to restore health in ways you never thought possible. Most people recognize the healing power of herbs, but for many, herbal remedies don’t work well if at all. The reason is because people cannot digest the herbs. Listen, most people have an incompetent digestive system that cannot digest the very herbs or foods that can heal them. By adding digestive enzymes to your meals through supplements, you can fully digest the herbal formulations and food.

I bet you believe that everything you eat or drink gets digested properly. Not even close. Most of the food you eat only gets partially digested because we lack the enzymes needed to digest food. The results of this poor digestion are too numerous to mention. But lets just say that accelerated aging, weight gain, ill health, disease, weakened immunity, fatigue, poor sleep and so much more can be attributed to poor digestion and poor diet.

If you have a poor diet, that is in your control to change. But how does one improve their digestion? With herbs and enzymes taken at the onset of each meal. In a short period of time you can start feeling better in many ways. You’ll feel less bloated, gassy and icky after meals. You’ll have less diarrhea and constipation. You’ll sleep better. You’ll feel more calm and less stressed.

Tell me what bothers you the most and I’ll have an enzyme formula waiting for you to take your problem away. Now if you have a painful hip or your neck hurts a lot, you need to be adjusted more than you need enzymes. But the enzyme formulations can correct a lot of different problems that chiropractic adjusting simply cannot. Plus not everyone wants to be adjusted for whatever the reason may be.

I look forward to working with you.
Dr. Jeff Aberle

Special Conditions for Free Offer:
You must come in for the consultation to get your free bottle.
We retain the right to refuse a consultation or free bottle.
We do not ship product.