Cleansing Your Lymphatic System PDF

Cleansing Your Lymphatic System PDF

Recent Update to this page as of 5/3/2018. If you have lymphatic drainage problems my best suggestion to you is find a provider that uses Low Level Laser Therapy. I’m working on a video that will explain this more, but for the moment typing out what’s going on will have to suffice. I have several links on this website regarding Low Level Laser Therapy. I’ve been using it in my office since March of 2017 and it is by far the best treatment available that I’ve ever seen. You can search for providers here at this website:

LLLT helps decrease swelling by loosening tight muscles and providing the catalyst for energy production wherever the laser is pointed on your body. Most people have lymphatic problems that start in their legs. The key areas to use LLLT are at the back of the knees and the front of the hips where a persons hip flexor muscles are.

I use Erchonia’s FX 635 LLLT device. It’s awesome how quickly this machine can make changes in people in terms of muscular relaxation and pain relief. In order for your lower leg swelling to go down you would more than likely want to treat the front of the hips and back of the knees since that’s where your lower leg lymph nodes reside. Any other swollen area would also want to be exposed to the laser light to relax tight muscles there and reduce the swelling and tenderness that accompanies this problem. There is so much to tell that a video will be better, but until then look for a provider on the Erchonia website. The hand held devices that Erchonia sells will also work, but the FX 635 works better and faster. I know because I own both.

If you’re a doctor or practitioner considering purchasing an Erchonia laser and happen to be at a seminar right now have someone use the FX 635 on the front of your hips or on the back of a knee and you’ll see first hand how much muscular relaxation you can get in even a ten minute treatment. I cannot recommend their lasers enough. They’re very fun to use and patients love them. Also, I have nothing to do with the company and don’t make a cent with recommending their products. It’s just when you find something remarkable you want to share, some people have told me they fill 00 capsules with all sorts of herbs and spices that they say benefit them greatly, I think herbal remedies are more of a unique case solution. Stay tuned…more to come. Now back to the original article 🙂

Your lymphatic system is crucial to good health because it’s the last critical step involved with delivering nourishment to each and every cell of your body AND removing waste products. This allows your cells to live in a clean, nutrient rich environment and gives you great health.

In the pictures below you can see the lymphatic vessels shown in green. Your lymph system is part of your circulatory system. It is often overlooked and is assumed to work correctly on everyone, but this is often not the case.

Lymph fluid is derived from the clear plasma in your blood. The smallest blood vessels in your body are called capillaries. These capillaries are so narrow, that red blood cells can only go through them in single file. The function of capillaries is to leak life sustaining plasma into the tissues around the capillaries delivering oxygen and nutrients to those cells. This extra fluid has to be picked up and returned to your blood stream or your body will swell. The lymph system is what picks up this fluid (now called lymph fluid), cleans it and returns it to the circulatory system behind your collar bones. This is how a healthy body works.

However, when the fluid in your lymphatic system is thick and sluggish, your body suffers. Muscles don’t get what they need and become tight and painful. Your energy levels are lower because your cells don’t “breathe” as well and they are living in a toxic wasteland. Every organ in your body feels the pain of having a clogged lymphatic system because every cell in your body relies on a well-functioning lymphatic system for proper function.

What Caused Your Lymphatics to Clog Up in the First Place?

Improper digestion of your food and lack of lymphatic pumping clog up your lymphatics in general. Have you ever seen people that just look kind of swollen all over? At first you might think they are overweight, and that may be, but often times this can be excess water from poor lymph flow or both. What clogs up the lymph system? It is fat. More specifically, the lack of proper fat digestion. It’s not just that we’re eating the wrong types of fat or too much fat, but also that we’re not getting the enzymes to digest the fat with every meal. Therefore, the fat accumulates in our lymphatic system and clogs us up. (Side Note: You can be skinny and still have a clogged lymphatic system)

There is more and more research showing that cellulite is a great indicator of lymphatic congestion. Cellulite is the lumpy type of fat that distorts a person’s skin usually in the thigh regions. When your lymphatic system is clogged up, you don’t get rid of toxins properly. Your body has to do something with the toxins or they will make you sick. What better place to store them but in fat. Yes, your body stores excess toxins in fat cells that keep the toxins safely tucked away where they won’t do harm. The more toxic you are, the more fat cells your body makes to store these toxins in. The cellulite look comes from the deposition of this fat in your body. Instead of being laid down smoothly, it’s laid down in clumps giving the distorted skin look. When you start cleaning out your lymphatic system, you open up the channels of elimination allowing your body to safely neutralize these toxins in the lymph nodes and liver and get them out of your body. With this you can start losing fat weight, excess water weight and your cellulite can even improve or disappear.

If you’ve ever had surgery, you need to have your lymphatic system checked out. This is because surgery really messes with your body and often overloads your lymphatics and they never get corrected. The 3 – Step Process follows the pictures here:


There are several areas that need to be examined to determine if your lymphatic system is clogged. The stress points are shown in yellow and red. These are very specific areas and you typically don’t hurt in these areas until I press into them to show you how tender they are. You can monitor these points yourself to some degree to keep track of your progress once I’ve shown you where they are. But having someone else check them is considerably more accurate then you checking them yourself.
The Yellow Dots are the stress points that FARSP treats
The Red Dots are the stress points that VME treats
All these points are bilateral meaning they’re found on both sides of the body even though the images make it appear they’re one sided.


How Can I Cleanse my Lymphatic System (3 – Step Process)

Step 1 – Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing stimulates lymphatic movement because the lymph system doesn’t have a pump like the heart. If you look at the image in the top right, you’ll see the long, thicker vessels in the front of the spine. I don’t show the diaphragm here, but it plays an important role. When you breathe in, the pressure in your chest decreases and the pressure in your abdomen increases. This pumps lymphatic fluid upward from the legs. It also sucks lymph from the arms and head toward the drainage points behind the clavicles. These vessels have one way valves in them so the fluid can’t go in reverse. Deep breathing, whether through these exercises or through walking, running or exercise in general, pumps lymphatic fluid. Muscle contraction also pumps lymphatic fluid.


Here’s the exercise: Lay on a flat surface (floor or bed). Take in a deep breath and while you’re inhaling, tilt your head back and point your feet away from you (Figure A). Take a couple seconds to take the breath and do the motions so that when you’ve taken in the full amount of air, your head and feet are in their final positions.

Then exhale slowly and at the same time point your feet towards your head (Figure B). Also flex your head bringing your chin closer to your neck. (But don’t lift your head) You should reach the end points when you’ve finished exhaling. Don’t strain to get into any of these positions. This should be relaxing.

Do this exercise for a couple of minutes making sure not to pass out or get light headed. Your goal is to pump lymph fluid and oxygenate your tissues at the same time. You can do this as often as you like, but strive for at least two times per day for two minutes at a time minimum. For a great benefit a walking routine added to your daily schedule would be beneficial.

Step 2 – Products for Lymphatic Cleansing:

Two products are used to clean out the lymphatics. One is called FARSP. (Which stands for Fever, Aberrant motion, Redness, Swelling and Pain). Take 4 pills at a time on an empty stomach 2x/day.

The other product is called VME, which clears the lymphatic system at its drainage points behind the clavicles (collar bones)(shown in red on the diagrams). If you need this product, you’ll know because the muscles behind the clavicles are sore to even mild pressure. Take 2 pills with breakfast and 2 with lunch.

  • If, after a day or two of being on FARSP, you smell an ammonia type odor (similar to cat urine) with your bowel movements, don’t be alarmed. This happens with some people and goes away quickly.
  • If you feel nauseated after taking 4 FARSP, decrease your dose to 3 or even 2 pills per dose instead.
  • If you start getting muscle cramps at night, you need more calcium. If you happen to be on the borderline of calcium deficiency the FARSP product might take you over the edge and you’ll get cramps. Either take more calcium on your own or I can help with specific products to raise your calcium levels.
  • It doesn’t matter what time of day you take the FARSP as long as you get the two doses of 4 pills twice per day. If you wake up during the night, take four FARSP if you like. Just get them in you and they’ll do their job. If you miss a dose or a few days for that matter, don’t panic. Just pick up where you left off.


Dosage Summary:
VME: 2 Pills with Breakfast, 2 Pills with Lunch
FARSP: 4 Pills on an empty stomach 2x/day (Empty stomach is an hour before a meal or two hours after)

Step 3 – Digest Your Food

You need to digest your food. Improper digestion of your food is what clogged up your lymphatics in the first place. So take digestive enzymes with each meal to digest your food.

Digestive enzymes are the work horses of digestion. They facilitate the breakdown of large particles into smaller particles. For years you have been eating foods with no enzymes because cooking food destroys all the natural enzymes. These larger, undigested particles, irritate the lining throughout your digestive tract because these particles putrefy, causing inflammation and leaky gut syndrome. Since a large part of your lymphatic system is within and around your intestinal tract, you end up absorbing a lot of “junk” into your lymphatics.

In addition, one of the roles of the lymphatics is to break down larger molecules of fat that cannot go into the blood stream directly. When you don’t digest your food properly the quantity of these larger molecules of fat is much higher since you didn’t break them down earlier in the digestive process. Thus more fat gets shifted to the lymphatic system resulting in more clogging.

Taking a digestive enzyme with each meal stops the continual insult to your body. Then taking the lymphatic enzymes cleans out your lymphatics. So in addition to the lymphatic enzymes you should be taking a digestive enzyme with each meal. The product of choice is called VSCLR (Vascular). This product contains higher amounts of the enzyme lipase that breaks down fat.

The length of time it takes varies for each individual. You might start feeling different even after a one week trial, but you’ll need more to really get your lymphatic’s moving.

A few extra details:
  • If you don’t want to take any pills, you can try just the deep breathing exercises on their own. You have to do them a minimum of twice per day for a couple minutes each time. Over the course of a month or so, you should see some differences.
  • Note: For those of you that have heartburn, you often need to solve that first before attacking these other problems. There is a specific product called STM for repairing the mucous layer in your stomach to prevent heartburn. If you fail to do this first, some of the products mentioned for the lymphatics and Metabolic Syndrome can irritate your stomach. You’ll instantly think the products are not for you because they bother you. This is not the case. You have to step back and take a single product for about a month. A one month supply of this is $36. Once you’re done with that you should be able to start the products mentioned in this article with no trouble. You’re heartburn will be gone as well.

Special Note:

On occasion, people get diarrhea when starting enzymes. It’s not like you’re sick. It’s just that you have to go. For these people, I tell them to stop all the enzyme products and let the diarrhea go away, then start with one pill a day of whatever product they’re on. Then over the course of a week or two, build up to the doses suggested. There’s never any harm in going slower as long as you’re patient if the results aren’t as quick to follow.

I’m sure other questions will come up, so call me at the office: 277-1975.

Dr. Jeff