Consistent improvement in breathing even with COPD, asthma and other problems

You can see this patient had obvious problems breathing from the first video. Watch and learn how ABC™ improves breathing. This is truly a typical patient. You can see his posture also really improves as he goes along.

What many do not understand is that there is a similar improvement in heart function because of the improvement in chest shape and function.

First Treatment

Pre Treatment
Notice he must use his back and neck muscles to raise his ribs in an effort to get air into his lungs. Though many do this it is abnormal and should not be. The problem is not his lungs. With just about all breathing problems abnormal spinal mechanics locks the ribs making it impossible to raise the ribs without great effort. Hence the poor breathing. Try yours.

After One Meningeal Release
Compare. You will note he no longer uses his neck or shoulder muscles to lift the ribs. You can especially notice this on the side view – his head does not come back. The ribs push his shoulders up – and the breath is deeper. This is just after one part of the ABC™ Protocol. This change is typical in patients.  He did not come in for breathing problems but back pain. He already hurts less and it gets better.

After full ABC™ protocol
Notice that his ribs move, but the rest of the body hardly moves at all. The look on his face is priceless. From his smile you can get an idea how much better he felt. It wasn’t just his breathing that improved. His posture was more upright with less muscular effort. He noticed the great improvement after just one treatment.  You will too.

After Ninth Visit

After Ninth Visit
This is amazing. Why? Notice he does not use anything but his chest. His upper arms are pushed out to the side by the ribs when he breaths. You can now see the chest expand sideways instead of moving forward and up. This is closer to normal chest movement. It looks like less but is much deeper because the ribs move as they are supposed to move.

After 10 Months

After 10 Months of Treatment 1x/week
It takes a while, but now when he breathes it does not even look like he is breathing, but it is deep. His normal relaxed breathing is now deeper with more air than his deep breath before treatment – with no significant effort.


What do you think being able to breath that well does for your whole body? You feel better overall, you have more energy, etc.

Breathing is huge, yet most people breath just enough to survive because their bodies do not work well. That is why you have all these deep breathing therapies.

Get deep breathing naturally. When your spinal mechanics are corrected you get more air in with each breath without any extra effort. Awesome!!!

May sound a bit arrogant but search the internet. You do not see anyone showing these type of results on a consistent and predictable basis except ABC™ practitioners.

Find one and use ABC™ today.


Progression Over Time

Awesome Postural Changes
Composition of images throughout care.The image on the far right was about one and a half years into care.