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Nathan getting accupunctureA year ago, my dog Nathan had some bad anal gland problems. It all started with me feeding him the bone from a steak. Not such a great idea.

The anal glands were a constant bother. Our regular vet kept giving us antibiotics because she said they were infected.

After three different antibiotics, I said enough is enough. I found Dr. Carrie Donahue, an acupuncturist vet. Dr. Carrie saw Nathan’s problem right away, gave him an acupuncture session and some herbs to decrease ‘heat’ in his body.

We started seeing changes right away and after a few weeks Nathan was fine.

I know it sounds a little odd to many of you. You probably have never been to an acupuncturist yourself.

But I like results and when I don’t see them, I look for other options. Thank goodness I did.

You might be wondering if I adjust my dog as well. The answer is yes. I do meningeal releases on Nathan and adjust his spine. He doesn’t mind at all. In fact, he’s usually quite playful afterwards since that’s what he thinks we’re doing anyway.

If you’re interested in learning more about Dr. Carrie and what she can do for your pet, you can visit her website at:

I like Dr. Carrie’s approach to animal health and wellness.

In the picture above, you see Nathan getting an acupuncture treatment from Dr. Carrie.


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Dr. Aberle has been in clinical practice since 1997. He's been using Advanced BioStructural Technique since 2006 as his primary method of treatment. In his spare time he enjoys computers, programming and electronics.
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